Fundraising For New Mission Starts Policies and Guidelines

  1. Funds are to be used for new LCMS mission churches in New England.
  2. New LCMS mission starts will complete a grant application to receive funding. Click here to apply for the grant.
  3. Funds raised are directed towards LCMS mission starts in New England minus the cost of raising the funds (i.e. dollars raised - cost of raising funds = amount for new mission churches). For example, the NED raises $50,000 at an event minus $10,000 for food for the event equals $40,000 for NED mission churches. A portion of the funds raised during the year are reserved for fundraising in future years (e.g., money reserved in year 1 to make reservations at a conference center for a fundraising event in year 2, marketing expenses, etc.). This amount is determined by the finance committee.
  4. New LCMS mission starts can receive financial support for a maximum of three-years after an application approval by the Mission Board. The grant application is shared with the finance committee to verify available funds to support the new mission start in the annual budget. The initial three-years of financial support can be extended on an annual basis on a vote by the Mission Board working with the finance committee and the NED BOD. Request for additional support must be submitted annually to the Mission Board. Funding for new missions is intended as "seed" money and will be awarded on an annual basis.
  5. The number of missions to be funded each year will be determined by the amount of funds available, the number of applications, the amount requested in the applications, and the Mission Board's recommendation for award of grants.
  6. The Mission Board determines how much funding is allocated to each mission church. The Mission Board determines how many mission churches are supported each year. In addition, donors can donate to specific mission churches (i.e., adopt a specific mission). Individual mission starts can also raise their own support.
  7. Mission churches must present an annual plan in how these funds will be used to the Mission Board. The plan must be submitted to the Mission Board prior to the start of the fiscal year for the New England District (i.e., the fiscal year is April-March). Mission applications will include an annual, a three-year plan delineating budgets, and how any grant would be used to support the mission. The Mission Board will provide a template or check list for the annual plan.
  8. After the Mission Board approves grant applications the NED's financial committee will authorize funding requests for new LCMS mission churches in district. The finance committee will work with the new mission church to establish the process for funds to be directed to the new mission church.
  9. Mission churches are expected to participate in the process of creating marketing information and communications to help raise funds (i.e. NED newsletter, website, fund raising events, etc.). New missions are expected to provide the Mission Board with a quarterly report (to include narrative, financial report, and progress toward annual plan) and contribute in the fundraising effort through regular communications to the NED for use in newsletter, website, social media, etc. In addition, a representative of the mission (usually the mission planter) will address the gatherings of the NED when requested.

Last Updated September 26, 2017 based on approval from the NED BOD