Mission Board -  NED
To encourage, promote and publicize the missions of the
New England District and beyond.

The Mission Board is composed of persons directly responsible for specific mission ministries within the New England District and is dedicated to assisting pastors, teachers and congregational members achieve their mission goals.

You are encouraged to go to http://ned-lcms.org/mission_services.htm and take advantage of the information and services provided for you!
Mission Board members include:
Brenda Bacon         bbacon@ned-lcms.org
                                Represents the financial interests and concerns of the District.
Leslie Colligan        president@lwml-ned.org
                                Represents the NED LWML as its President
Barbara Giger        barb.giger@hotmail.com
                              Chairs Short Term Mission Trips – provides information and links to
                              those interested in developing "mission trip” ministries.
Paul Lantz              plantz@ned-lcms.org
                               Brazilian and Campus Ministry in the Boston Metropolitan Area
Vicki Latour            vlatour@ned-lcms.org
                               Prayer Partners – Coordinates and lists the prayer concerns and
                               celebrations raised by members throughout the District.
Eric Sahlberg         esahlberg@mac.com
                               ConnectingPoint Lutheran Church – Pastor of the NED’s latest
                              mission start and serves as a resource for church planting.
Scott Schuett         fm106@charter.net
                              Technology Committee
Leon Schultz         lschultz216@verizon.net
                              Ethnic Ministries – Based on his parish experience, sensitizes Board on
                              how congregations might engage ethnic and racial populations in their 
Tim Towler             wttowler77@yahoo.com
                               Chairs the Kenya Ministry Committee which provides background
                               information, mission trips, needed supplies.
Steve Vekasy         stevevkc@ne.rr.com
                              NED Blueprint – Helps keep members of the Mission Board focused on
                              the mission strategy adopted by the NED in June 2009.
Inquiries may be addressed to Mission Board Chair at