A Message from President Tim Yeadon
As I have continued learning what it means to be a District President one of the discoveries I have made is that as District President I am to use my office and abilities to carry out resolutions of the District Convention.  I take this responsibility seriously and admittedly, when one of the resolutions is a directive for which I feel great passion, and which admittedly I had a role in originally composing, I am doubly inspired to exert efforts toward the goals of such a resolution.  Here is the actual wording of the resolution as adopted last June in convention:

Whereas, we live in a time when marriages and families are beset by many challenges and stresses; and

Whereas, these challenges and stresses, including various addictive and destructive behaviors, are affecting ChurchWorker marriages and families; and

Whereas, congregations also are affected when Church Worker families struggle with these challenges and stresses; therefore be it 

Resolved, that the New England District encourages the use of Concordia Health Plan resources; and be it further 

Resolved, that the New England District, especially her congregations, provide proactive encouragement and resources to help strengthen the personal life of mind, body and soul of her Church Workers and their families; and be it further

Resolved, that the New England District provide diverse and extensive resources to help especially strengthen clergy marriages and clergy families; and be it finally

Resolved, that the New England District provide safe and Gospel-centered resources for all Church Workers and Church Worker family members. 

Action, adopted.

I will let you know that I have a great passion for the well-being of my brothers in ministry, their marriages, and their families if they are blessed with such.  This passion also includes all Church workers in our District.  I also realize that as one helps the Pastor so one ultimately helps the congregation;  I would never want to give the impression that I support the Pastors while ignoring the people in the pews or the congregational leadership found in our District.  

To this extent I am excited about the Conferences that are occurring in 2013 which reflect the resolution you read above.  A one day retreat on February 21,  2013 was arranged with a guest from our Concordia Seminary  in St. Louis, Dr. Bruce Hartung,  His mission for the day: to help Pastors and their families as well as congregations explore ways to monitor and strengthen the personal life of Church workers and to help strengthen clergy marriages and clergy families.  The Spring Pastorsí Conference, to which wives will be invited, will hopefully have a team from Lutheran Counseling Services of our Florida/Georgia District of the LCMS joining us to again focus on ways to help Church Workers deal with the stresses and challenges to marriage.  An upcoming Fall Pastorsí Wives conference will again gather to help those who so often have nowhere to turn in their struggles:  the Pastorís wife.

It is a joy for me to root on our Pastors and their families.  As stated, I know that when we make life in the parsonage happier and stronger then the ministry in a congregation likewise is energized and strengthened.  I am grateful for a District where our people care about such things.  But they do not just care in their heart Ė they act to carry out the heartís desire, which is ultimately the desire of our Savior for all in His family !!
President Timothy Yeadon
New England District,
Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod